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​Our classrooms are alive with laughter and learning.

We strive to create engaging classroom environments,

with lessons designed with students’ interests in mind.

2019-2020 W.C. Little Staff

Please click on the links below to access classroom blogs:

​Principal​Mr. S. Young
​Vice-PrincipalMs. L. Aldersey
Admin SupportMrs. A. Shave & Mrs. K. Cant
Custodial Staff​​L. Hadley, S. Duck​, C.Calliste

Ms. Burgess and Mrs. Van Casteren
Ms. Earle and Ms. Dollin
Mrs.​​ McDowell and Mrs. Rodger
Mrs. Phipps and Mrs. Watkin
Mrs. McNamara and Mrs. Gougeon

​Grade 1Mrs. Lamb
Mrs. Burton
​Grade 1/2
​Mrs. Sheridan
​​​Grade 2

​​Mrs. S.Martin
​Mrs. G.Martin

​Grade 2/3Mrs. Kukta
​Grade 3​Mrs. McDonnell​
Mrs. Shanks
​Grade 3/4
​Grade 4Mr. Keirstead
​Grade 4/5
Mrs. Archer
Grade 5                            Mr. McElroy
                                   Mr. Mullings​​​

Grade 6​Mrs. Farr
Mrs. D.Graham
​​​Grade 7​Mr. Stoddart
Mrs. Urquhart
​Grade 7/8
Mr. Turner​
Grade 8​Mr. Currie
Mr. Macey
FrenchMrs. Ashmore
​Ms. Demers
​SERTsMrs. DeGraaf
Mrs. Kuepfer
Ms. Ravanese
Mrs. J.Graham
​Teacher-LibrarianMrs. Odette​
​Planning TimeMrs. Collins, ​Ms. Harrison, Mr. Walsh
Educational AssistantsMrs. Cable, Mrs. Farrar, Mrs. Harris, Ms. HipsonMr. Langille,  Ms. Skipper,  Ms.Tilley, Mrs. Venturo